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That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. 

That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. 

Yes yes yes.

Yes yes yes.

I know, right?!

I know, right?!

Love He Thought


Well, yes, the HE means me.

As the other stories start, i met a guy. I met him on the mobile app Jack’d and we started chatting. It was nothing at first but purely a hook up. Clearly i was too foolish to know better. Still wanna read?

It was a windy Sunday early evening while i was sitting in…

A 20 something friend who, in my opinion could write short stories professionally. He is also my fellow batchmate from journalism school and belongs to China.
A well expressed ‘hook up’ to say the least. Had me HOOKED!
Keep it going, my pal.

Who Are You?

More often than once you’ll find yourself asking that painful question to your own self. That question which every 20 - something has had to face, never mind the number of times you might have tried to actually avoid it. —- ‘Who are you?’

Are you your merely someone’s son or daughter? Are you someone’s spouse? Is your identity limited to an attachment of someone else’s? But then, without these people, who are you, really?

I am going through a similar identity crisis. ‘What is my purpose in life?’, I often think. If someone just showed up and told me the answer, I’d be so much more sorted because I slowly realise that my mind is constantly searching for ME. But the annoying bit is not just the searching. Its more so because the more I get to know myself, the more confused I get, the more I cannot stereotype myself and I don’t seem to find a box that I feel I can reside in. Then after all that mental struggle, I simply end up hating myself. ‘Why am I like this, or that? Why can’t I be one way and not the other? And why won’t one thing…either my heart or brain just shut up for one minute?’

My mind only keeps churning.

The thing about identity crisis is the futility of explaining it. You simply can’t do it without sounding a little mental. I am not sure how many of you feel the way I do. But if you’re thinking to yourself that you’re fortunate enough to NOT feel this way, chances are you haven’t really asked yourself this question. So take out time and think about who you are and why are you given this life. It might drive you nuts, it might change your life, it might even make you hate me, but it will definitely bring you closer to yourself. And well, let’s face it, you are, after all, the only person you have to bear with till you’re dead. Its important that you know you’re in the hands of someone who knows his or her shit.